NP_ATL is coming back in-person! PLEASE READ!

It’s been a tough year for all of us feels like an understatement. Many of us have gone through some sort of change in the past 14 months since we’ve last met in person –  financial, emotional, mental | location, relationships, health | ways of communication, habits, hobbies – or all of the above. read more

A shorts morning

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed…. I’m cold a bunch. I wear my battery operated liner gloves until late April/ early May sometimes and I tend to wear longer tights or long sleeves much longer than most of you.

Not this morning though.

This morning was a warm one. Reminded me a bit about Toronto summer mornings (my favourite… home is like that right?) with it feeling a drop humid and extra warm for 6am. read more

Together really is better

It was soooooooo nice seeing so many of your faces on the holiday Monday! I missed you.

I don’t know about you but I often wonder what you’ve been up to. How has this past year gone for you? What new activities or routines have you landed on? Are you missing this collective like we hear from so many? Have you had a good covid year? Have you experienced some challenges? read more

Branching Out (Ottawa)

Good morning YOWzers! Or good afternoon. No idea when you’re reading this. A few thank yous to give out this morning: thank you NP Oakland for helping us plant a whole bunch of funny looking trees in the Ottawa-Gatineau region this morning (and even one in Nova Scotia!). Thank you Dean for a super fun playlist to get us moving and swaying in the breeze. Thank YOU for uprooting yourselves and showing up… together we make a pretty good forest. read more

Spring tagging (YEG)

Ah the smell of paint fumes in the morning and the little bit of paint on your fingers clinging for the next few days. Tagging days during covid look different but tagging days still happen. This upcoming Monday May 24th is going to be such a day. Just like last time we would ask that at some point between 7am and 8am come drop off a light coloured article of clothing with your name attached to it (or attached to a bag). At 8:02am we’ll have a zoom link shared on social media for us to jump on together and share what you find in this month’s #SeenOnMyRun read more

Blog Titles for $200 (What is Ottawa?)

Good morning, YOWzers! And good morning to all of our readers, near and far. Presumably mostly near, although we do know of at least one weekly reader way out in Edmonton. This weekly reader may or may not be related to the weekly writer, but that hardly seems relevant (hey lil bro, you all good?).  read more

What does #NP_Continues mean to you? (VB)

#NP_Continues – It started as a call to action back when we first thought the pandemic would only be those two weeks that the governors optimistically proclaimed. Close the schools, stay home, flatten the curve. We should be good to go in no time. Well we all know how that story played out. NP cities across the world dusted off the laptops, created Zoom rooms & hosted the most creative workouts possible in our basements, apartments & garages.  It was real F-ing IMPORTANT that we continue. People’s lives were being turned upside down. Jobs being lost, family members sick, children stuck learning from home, the list goes on.  Our people, the November Project family, needed us more than ever. A sense of normalcy in an unfamiliar world, a brief digital connection to our biggest cheerleaders, and 45 minutes to think about nothing other than the deck of cards in front of you, or the weighted backpack full of books & apples. The continuation of workouts was critical for many of our members mental health. read more

And I will run 120 kilometres

photo by @leo.estrellagraphy at kilometer 80

What is next for you? If I had a page of frequently asked questions for my life, this would top the list. Whether it was when I finished my world record for fastest time to hula hoop ten kilometres or fastest marathon dressed as Elvis Presley or running a sub-3-hour marathon or running my first ultramarathon, people are always eager to know what my next goal will be. read more

Wearing Masks During Outdoor Workouts – Update

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) shared updated guidelines for vaccinated people in the United States so we wanted to share our position on the matter. Per CDC guidelines fully vaccinated people can: 

  • Resume activities without wearing masks or physically distancing, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance
  • Resume domestic travel and refrain from testing before or after travel or self-quarantine after travel
  • Refrain from testing before leaving the United States for international travel (unless required by the destination) and refrain from self-quarantine after arriving back in the United States
  • A few other things listed here
  • read more

    Waving from afar

    Ok, so this morning was so awesome. The brilliant morning sun. The slightly milder temp. And friends waving at one another from the top and bottom of the river valley- while on our 6:35am zoom call. All epic.

    Friends, we’re well into week 2 of this month’s #getoutside challenge!

    Here’s how your team is doing: read more