Happy Burt Gummer Day (YEG)

I wouldn’t say that the 1990 film Tremors is my favourite movie but as far as B-Movie science fiction horror comedies go there really isn’t anything like it. A co-worker told me today that it was Burt Gummer Day (a character from the film) and I couldn’t help but share it with the world. If you are looking to escape to your TV for a few hours, alongside Kevin Bacon and Reba McEntire, I’d give it a shot. read more

Day in the Life of an NPSF Co-Leader (+ Interest Form!)

We’re always on the lookout for the NPSF members who may be interested in eventually taking over as a Co-leader of NPSF. We want to dive into our day to day and share the expectations so we can give you a better sense of what it entails, and hopefully make you feel empowered to step into leadership and be an effective co-leader of November Project San Francisco. And if after reading it you are interested in leading or have ideas of someone who would be a great fit, fill out this interest form! read more

Ain’t No Mountain Too High (Ottawa)

Good morning, YOWzers! Thank you for climbing mountains with us on this beautiful morning. So glad we all reached the summit together. Kinda wish people had brought more snacks, but whatever. Check out those proud faces up there – shout out to Gloria and Danielle for taking a moment to appreciate the view! read more