#togetherbutapart is expanding!

Well I forgot to write a blog post yesterday (eye roll to the far back of my head).

We are thrilled to be underway with our #enduro challenge this month. We’ve got people joining our Edmonton crew from as far away as Minneapolis, Portland, Toronto, Chicago, and a couple of NPCan transplants to Pender Island. Welcome and I hope you’re all starting to find your groove with this challenge. But not too much. Rob and I will be challenging you (and us) all month long! read more

The Time between Now and the Future

On March 15, 2021, Dani and I officially became the newest co-leaders of November Project Amsterdam. We had been discussing this new role as leaders for weeks on our regular Sunday long runs and were eagerly anticipating the announcement. We texted each other back and forth throughout the week, nervous for this new role but also excited for what the future would bring. read more