Mr. Dictionary (YEG)

  • Do you know why they call me Mr. Dictionary? Because I have all this definition!!!
  • Do you know a good vet? Because these puppies are sick!
  • Why does Arnold Schwarzenegger workout on an island? Because he wants maximum isolation
  • What do you win if you don’t move a single muscle all month? A trophy
  • What did the joint say when invited to the muscle party? I’m a tendon
  • I’m exercising my eyebrow muscles by raising them high! Try it – you’ll be surprised

Dumb jokes aside I am solidly sore already. I know I’ll be watching my form to make sure I am doing the best I can but I can already see that there are a lot of muscles that I haven’t been training enough.

Hopefully you all are enjoying yourselves too and that the new workout structure makes sense. Remember to only count the reps of the exercises themselves (i.e. don’t count anything you are doing in the cardio/rest portion) and that each rep is one movement (e.g. Russian twist to the left + Russian twist to the right = 2 reps). This will apply to every workout this month – if you have any questions just message us. read more

Living Up to a Legacy (Ottawa)

Gooood morning, friends!

Thank you Winnipeg for a great workout this morning! People say that you can be whatever you want in life, so let this morning be a reminder that you can also be a bicycle. Or a flying Dutch-person for that matter. Dream big!

And a big thank you Dean for another fantastic playlist! read more