Best of 2020 [MTL]

2020 has not been the easiest year, to say the least. But the love shared within this community has been apparent, and in many cases, tighter bonds have been formed. We’re so glad you’re here.

Thank you for taking the time to reflect with us, and for sharing some positive things that happened over the past 12 months. Here are a few highlights of our best shared memories, some of our achievements, the people who inspire us, and what we look forward to in the upcoming year – enjoy! read more

The Things We’d Keep (Bklyn)

When Maggie asked if I would take a stab at writing a blog post to wrap up November Project Brooklyn’s 2020, I felt hesitant. We especially know the power that published words hold, and I can only imagine how some people might feel reading another blog post from our city. I am even more aware of how others in our wider November Project community think of me now, and so, putting pen to paper (or well, fingertips to keyboard) appears first as a daunting task and one I do not take lightly.  read more

Challenge upon challenge

Hey Friends,

We’re just about to wrap up the December challenge and hot on the heels of that, we’re diving into NPCan’s January challenge! Let’s get going.

If you like videos, watch this.

If you like reading, read below.

Wrapping up the December challenge

Well first, the December challenge is almost over buuuut, you’ve got a few hours left (aka the rest of today) to get the workout done and let Rob or I know you completed it! You got this. read more

The Search for NP’s New Board

Greetings to all on these final days of 2020! The purpose of today’s blog is to give an update on November Project’s Board of Directors. Although I feel like I may have lost a fair amount of readers with that absolutely tantalizing intro sentence, I certainly hope you read on and learn about November Project as a nonprofit organization and the search process for the new board of directors. TL;DR — new board coming 2/1/2021. read more

Rounding out the year

Last workout of 2020. A year in review with the moments to celebrate and fun memories and thoughts were shared last week. Please see here 

Hard to believe about 1 year ago we were playing street hockey at Lansdowne. Remember that? Remembering that fondly….. I don’t think any of us thought we would be here, looking the way the world looks, and 2021 may be filled with much uncertainty as well. However, what we can control is our outlook. What are some of your reflections? How did you respond to all the changes? Did you go through seasons of grief and acceptance? Did you go through a season of change, of discomfort and then ease into a new routine? We witnessed creativity of gatherings, virtual games, ways of keeping yourself motivated to move, to connect, to stay positive.  read more

To Staying Safely Together (VB)

November Project has used free fitness to bring people of the 757 together since 2015 and all though it looked very different this year, we stayed committed to each other. Whether we were sweating it out in our living rooms or stationed at a plastic fork twelve feet apart atop Mt. Trashmore, we showed up for each other. No matter how we came together (virtually or in-person), your health & safety has always been my number one priority. As the new year approaches, I want to recommit to my role as leader of NPVB & my promise to always keep us moving forward, safely together! read more

Sign-up Today! (YEG)

We’re doing a #TogetherButApart team challenge for the month of January. If you want to be part of the team challenge, sign up here. We’ll randomly pair you with other NP peeps and you will separately work together throughout the month! If you are looking to stay active into the new year why not work as team to do it! Full details for how the month of Jan will work will be in next weeks blog. read more

Moments, precious gifts and experiences of 2020(Ottawa)

As we begin to say farewell to 2020 are there some moments that brought you some joy? We are being bombarded with hashtags, slogans and bumper stickers that shine a light on everything that went wrong this year. 

What about everything that went in the opposite direction? What about everything that made us reflect and begin to shift the way we listen and share? Is it too cliche to highlight all the good that we found? We believe no and in honour of 2020 almost coming to a close we would like to share a list with you of moments, precious gifts, experiences and events that made this year one not to forget.  read more

Fun stuff is happening: there’s still joy in 2020!

Hey NP!

Yes, the past week of provincial news has been tough. We’re a bit more restricted than we were just a week ago…. and with the holiday season upon us.

I for one plan on doubling down on #togetherbutapart… in all parts of my life. I’ve been feeling a bit more disconnected being at home all the time but that doesn’t mean I can’t chat with my family, see a few friends virtually, get outside for fresh air and a mental health check in, and see you! read more

Positivity award and other important things (Ottawa)

Wisconsin Notes 

– Today’s workout

-Positivity award

-Community Involvement

We don’t usually do Wisconsin notes… is the above about it?? I’m not sure, but either way, here is the blog, a mixture of items….

NPDC was the creator of today’s workout, a workout to educate. Move and learn. Thank you NPDC, for the creativity and teachings. Throughout the last few months, there have been many moments of reflection. Some may have come with wondering how much of what is being talked about in the States is relevant to us? What are your thoughts around that? What are common issues? What kinds of things do we also need to change?  read more