Moving Forward (YEG)

If only I had a crystal ball I would tell you what the future holds but sadly I am just not that magical. There has been lots on my mind as of late. Things like the roles of leadership at NP, anti-racism work, upholding accountability, being a ally, embodying our community agreements and more. It is an exciting time with so many things being applicable to our lives beyond a workout – if you are willing to take it that far. These topics are reinforcing the importance of the humans that choose to #JustShowUp and the community that we all create. read more

more questions (Ottawa)

As November Project continues to shift and make room to grow in diversity, acceptance, inclusion, and acknowledgement these questions are important to begin conversations with.  If we want to be an inclusive community we know that we need to care, learn and relearn about our collective history for ourselves and for those that continue to show up.  read more