What’s nice? Pumpkin Spice!

Back to school Backpack workout!

We are two days into September and it already feels like fall! Crisp mornings at NP are always my favourite, watching the sunrise slowly and hearing the world waking up around us as we are halfway through our workout always makes Wednesday mornings feel extra remarkable to me.

Yearbook Photos/ Winnipeg Harvest Haul

As mentioned at the workout today, we want to communicate with members of November Project Winnipeg that we three are consistently observing the current Covid-19 situation here in Manitoba. We have decided that we will follow provincial and health region guidelines. read more

Sunrise 6 K & Other Announcements (YEG)

Details for Announcement #1

  • Holiday Monday – Sunrise 6K
    • Practice proper social distancing, create your own unique 6km run (try to be considerate and avoid places where people bunch together), and be smart. I can’t wait to see what routes you come up with while running outside, in your apartment, or even your backyard – you do you.
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