Inspect, reflect, & interject

Dear NP BAL – our community of people we love!

Have you felt a little stale lately? A little over the hype of normalizing what is not at all a normal situation? Overwhelmed? Underwhelmed? A little like you can’t wake up before 9am? You’re not alone. We have been feeling the same. 

We miss all your faces and we know this because when we bump into any of you, it brings a surge of joy that rides with us the entire day. I’m sure you’ve all felt the same, so you know how eager we are to gather again. read more

The Bridges of Hennepin and Ramsey Counties

This summer’s hottest workout craze is running bridges. Every couple of weeks you’re going to see a post from us about running bridges. Your challenge is that during the remainder of the week (Monday-Sunday), you get yourself to the bridge (walk, run, bike, scoot, etc) and then run yourself over the bridge and back. Real cool cats will pick out a bridge a day and knock them out systematically. Wild cats will maybe split them up into two sets and grab them at their leisure. Some of you kittens might even tackle them all at once. However you do it, do it. You prize is exploring the world around you on your own two feet (or a unicycle or whatever). read more