Adapting (YEG)

First off congratulations to everyone who was able to collect all of the buttons. We’ve got the list of hardcore members who got them all and we have an awesome prize lined up for them. Find out what it is early next week!

A common conversation I hear right now is about how to plan better for the future. Of course the topic is driven by the current pandemic but it is applicable to all sorts of planning. There will always be a risk/reward to the decisions we make but everyone’s calculation of that risk/reward will be different and individual. What works for one person might not work for everyone else. I think the biggest take away from this discussion is acknowledging that 1 person’s risk does not exactly equate in value to 1 reward (e.g. the positive of going back into the office for me isn’t the same as the potential risks of getting sick). Looking back on past decisions I made I can say things like “isn’t it obvious, of course you should have done XYZ.” But that is biased by the information that current me has now. It is easier to judge ourselves upon reflection and a lot harder to judge based on what we knew at the time. As we move forward into the coming months I think acknowledging that we can only do the best we can is important. read more

Questions (Ottawa)

No Sleep 2020 Recap (CHI)

Coney Island Beach

Over the weekend, 14 teams joined together in No Sleep 2020-- a 48 hour virtual relay race. We were honestly surprised by how many of y’all joined us on this adventure, and we’re so incredibly grateful that you did. From Madison to Brooklyn, Minneapolis to Grand Rapids, Milwaukee to Chicago, and tons of other NP expats around the country, we came together for a weekend of fitness and fun.

Our Survey Gathering [Bklyn]

Last Thursday evening, we gathered virtually to discuss recent survey results. Here is a recap, in case you couldn’t make it or want to review–


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou read more

Rituals (YEG)

Jen’s gotta go to work!” I caught myself saying this to Buddy (my dog) this morning as I left for school. I didn’t get the same reaction from Buddy when I said this as I do when Nadim or Rob say it as we prepare for our group photo. Your chuckles, the banter, and the energy you returned is missed! read more

Why we keep writing (Ottawa)

Look at the strength here, it’s undeniable

This morning started with a campfire “roses and thorns” and we got to hear from some of the highs and lows of the last week or two. If you didn’t get a chance to share, perhaps it’s something you can reflect on. We can have a grateful spirit while still acknowledging some of the tougher feelings we are experiencing. read more

Taking on the Summer (YEG)

Here we are in the middle of Aug already and I’m trying to enjoy as much of the summer weather as I can. How have you been doing that? Have you been camping, reading on the patio, walking the dog in new neighbourhoods, or maybe just spending time in the sun?

Last weekend I went for a river float around Sangudo (if you’ve never been I highly recommend) this weekend I will be doing a back country hike like I’ve never done before (I’ll take a photo for you), and the week after that…well…I am not sure yet. Any ideas? read more

#NP_NYC Survey Results

This survey is the one of several November Project Brooklyn and New York City surveys to get a feel for what is going right and what we need to do better. This first survey is focused on what made members, both current and past, feel included or excluded at November Project workouts and events.

Thank you to the 86 people who participated and took the time to fill out the November Project Brooklyn and NYC survey. You spoke (or in this case typed) and we, the co-leaders, listened (read). The co-leaders from both Brooklyn and NYC met individually as a city and then jointly to discuss your comments and how we can try and make November Project a better place for everyone. We appreciate the kind words, constructive criticism, or just general feelings shared. Below are the New York co-leaders’ summary and action plan based on what you all told us. read more

Who is here for you? (Ottawa)