Ongoing Culture Shift (Ottawa)

As we continue to share with you changes and shifts that have and are taking place, we thought it would be good to revisit this culture shift:

We have had some further conversations with individuals in the community who have been able to express their feelings around the hugging culture at November Project. We want to encourage people at November Project to step outside your comfort zone, and create a safe place to do this, and will continue to strive for this. However, we are not the ones to determine your comfort zone. Everyone’s comfort zone is different and if you are consistent, you will have the choice when you want to take those steps. It’s a good reminder for everyone to show up, to be listening and respecting those boundaries.  read more

NoSleep 2020 (CHI)

Let’s start with the bad news, No Coast 2020 is cancelled.  Womp womp.  Hurt the Dirt racers will either defer their entry to 2021, or will commit to running their race distance virtually, but at Luton Park in Grand Rapids.  Let’s all heave a collective sigh that we won’t be together in person with all our midwest November Project friends, and we won’t be running any races, and then let’s move on to the good news.   read more

Not clowning around — Positivity Award winner Carrie Clowney strives to make a difference, connect during quarantine (DC)

Yesterday, we surprised Carrie Clowney outside of her building — as she returned from a morning bike ride — with the Positivity Award in a socially distanced presentation. Big thanks to Austin MacDougall for doing the behind-the-scenes work to help us plan it and film it. Carrie has been a consistent force of good during quarantine in the NPDC world. She brings positive vibes to the daily Zoom plank + coffee calls, she’s delivered baked goods to friends, she’s connected with NP folks from other cities and more. This award is long overdue! Enough from us, though. Hear from/get to know Carrie below.

How does it feel to be the first NPDC quarantine recipient of the Positivity Award?
 I feel honored! I think we’ve done a great job of finding ways to stay connected with NP through quarantine – virtual workouts, virtual coffee, virtual happy hours – so it seems fitting that we bring back one of the last parts of NP that hasn’t gone virtual, the Positivity Award! I think Mary (Finkebone) stated it nicely on Facebook, we need the Positivity Award more than ever now that we are physically separated from each other.   read more

Y’all Good? (YEG)

Another week another blog. Another week at home. Another week without high fives from NP. These may be facts but they are a bit negative and to be honest that’s not really who I try to be.

I am the kind of person that likes finding silver linings – probably to a fault but still I try. I can be a pragmatic pessimistic optimist all at the same time right…right?? hahaha. What I am getting at is that I know that what we are going through is hard and I know you know that but I’d rather focus on some of the good. So here’s a list of some of the good around NP/fitness/life that I’ve noticed so far: read more

TAG – We’re It! – MSP

The pandemic continues and the guidance from the governor still limits outside social gatherings to 25 people or fewer.  So for now, we still love to see you pushing yourself, running, burpeeing, whatever, and staying fast and fit.  We will be back together again.  Eventually.  To help prepare for that eventuality, sign the new waiver.  And when we get back together, we want to make sure everyone is looking fresh.  We haven’t tagged shirts in a long time.  You know why.  Let’s fix that. read more

Why we do not use the word “tribe” (Ottawa)

If you are new to the blog, or November Project, it may be because you heard about it through word of mouth, or social media, saw a random post, have been encouraged to give it a try. Depending on who you are talking to, you may get to hear about someone’s individual experience. We don’t always know if this is a positive one or a negative one. Sometimes we don’t ever get to learn from the people who may have had a negative experience because they make the decision, rightly so, not to show up again, and nothing really changes. Sometimes, we are lucky to get to share discussions with some people who truly love the community, and want to see it grow, develop and change. It is important that we are open to those conversations, and in sharing transparently with you in the community, as you make up the heart of who we are at November Project Ottawa.  read more

Better Together, Even if Apart (NP Woo)

Every week since March, when our workouts went from in person to Zoom, I have likely spent more time than I’d like to admit analyzing who came, who didn’t, and coming up with theories for why people did or did not show up. WHAT WERE WE DOING WRONG? WHY AREN’T PEOPLE EXCITED? Oh right, because there is a pandemic happening and we are doing mountain climbers while trying not to wake up the kids. read more

For When We Meet Again…

We are getting close to returning to IN PERSON workouts. The location will be at City Hall (where we meet all winter). We have some GREAT IDEAS. We know you are excited, we are too- but please keep reading, and when you finish, read it again. This is SO important.

Please review this blog written by Bojan : read more

Canada Day (YEG)

The weather knew that on Canada Day November Project Canada gets wet at the legislature pool. While that wasn’t possible this year the weather helped out by letting us still get soaked from the rain. Thank you to everyone who decided to brave the conditions and explore your city with a Canadian themed version of #SeenOnMyRun. These scavenger hunt events have been so fun! I love seeing people’s creative ways of finding the items on the list. I did not think that goose poop would have been a hard one to find hahaha. read more