Star Date 74041.6 (YEG)

NP Log, star date 74041.6. We are in the forth month of our COVID closure and while the challenges of our separation seemed immense early on, the crew on board the USS Edmonton have found many ways to find joy in these times. Their continued efforts are inspiring. To boldly social distance and limit the spread of disease… that is our continuing mission… read more

The teacher skipped class today. (Worcester)

Back in early March, which feels like yesterday and three years ago all at the same time, you could find most people making jokes about the threat of Covid. Jim and I were entertaining the idea of a “Corona inspired playlist and workout”. I can’t take full credit, one of our regulars suggested it, but we were totally on board. It wasn’t real, and it certainly wasn’t going to impact our lives. It would blow over like everything else. Right? read more

What is your top ten? (Ottawa)