NPSF Town Hall Recap

November Project San Francisco

Thank you to everyone who showed up to our Town Hall! We were happy and grateful to see over 20 people attending. Your excitement about NPSF and willingness to help us improve it is inspiring.

Before we recap the meeting, we’d like to define how we’re looking at Diversity and Inclusion. We want NP to be diverse. Why? Because a community is stronger when it is diverse. Because free fitness should be for everyone. NP claims to be an inclusive and welcoming place but we aren’t seeing diversity that reflects that claim. We look at diversity as an indication that we are being inclusive, and the lack of diversity as a sign of places where we are failing to achieve our goal. We would also like to recognize that we will make mistakes and we want all of you to hold us accountable. We’re not afraid to make mistakes as long as we’re pushing for a better NPSF, and know that we are open to receiving any and all feedback from our members. read more