TAG – We’re It! – MSP

The pandemic continues and the guidance from the governor still limits outside social gatherings to 25 people or fewer.  So for now, we still love to see you pushing yourself, running, burpeeing, whatever, and staying fast and fit.  We will be back together again.  Eventually.  To help prepare for that eventuality, sign the new waiver.  And when we get back together, we want to make sure everyone is looking fresh.  We haven’t tagged shirts in a long time.  You know why.  Let’s fix that. read more

Why we do not use the word “tribe” (Ottawa)

If you are new to the blog, or November Project, it may be because you heard about it through word of mouth, or social media, saw a random post, have been encouraged to give it a try. Depending on who you are talking to, you may get to hear about someone’s individual experience. We don’t always know if this is a positive one or a negative one. Sometimes we don’t ever get to learn from the people who may have had a negative experience because they make the decision, rightly so, not to show up again, and nothing really changes. Sometimes, we are lucky to get to share discussions with some people who truly love the community, and want to see it grow, develop and change. It is important that we are open to those conversations, and in sharing transparently with you in the community, as you make up the heart of who we are at November Project Ottawa.  read more