Canada Day (YEG)

The weather knew that on Canada Day November Project Canada gets wet at the legislature pool. While that wasn’t possible this year the weather helped out by letting us still get soaked from the rain. Thank you to everyone who decided to brave the conditions and explore your city with a Canadian themed version of #SeenOnMyRun. These scavenger hunt events have been so fun! I love seeing people’s creative ways of finding the items on the list. I did not think that goose poop would have been a hard one to find hahaha. read more

Why we are taking steps forward (Ottawa)

In taking steps towards acknowledging the land we are on, as well as celebrating Canada, traditionally known as Turtle Island, we had the pleasure of introducing Jamie, who took over this morning’s bounce.  Jamie offered a smudge, prayer and gave us all insight into what it means to her to be an Indigenous Canadian.  Jamie Voltz is a lover of the November Project community of Ojibwe-Saulteaux, Ukranian, Irish ancestry. Jamie is Okitcitakwe (Two-Spirit), Windigokahn, Ma’iingan Dodem and lives as a guest on Unsurrendered Algonquin Lands.  Jamie brought us together this morning with the sunrise to honour and give recognition to Indigenous peoples and the strength of these nations and resilience they continue to bestow.   read more