Quiet Fire

Kim Ngo is like the spring in Edmonton (hometown shout out!). In like a mouse, but you know it’s going to be fierce. Unlike Vancouver’s 37 months of rain this year Kim has been an evolving persona and I have loved every minute of it.

She showed up on the word of her boss. As usual I was very awkward around her (and everyone else) but she obviously felt welcome enough to maintain a strong showing through her first winter with NPVAN. But those walls came down easily. She is caring, she is strong as hell, she is poignant, and (I will say it again) fierce.
You’re struggling through injury (physical/emotional) she has a strong message.
You have a wall you need to climb, she has a route picked out.
She speaks from her heart and sticks to her word.
And she fucking hates burpees…. read more