Checking-in (YEG)

Hi guys!

It’s been awhile – lots has happened since we last talked. I am doing well…my basil plants are growing tall, thanks for asking…you’re right I do have some grey in my beard…I hope that [insert personal anecdote here] for you is going well still.

Haha ok but really I do hope that you and your families are doing well. While the real or virtual interactions may be brief, making even the smallest connection has truly brought a lot of joy to my day(s). read more

The History of You

Jessica, co-leader of November Project Brooklyn and author of the post, posing with her mother on her graduation day from The College of William and Mary.

It might seem silly to write another blog post about the word *tribe*. Bryson from NP Baltimore wrote an eloquent piece on it already (read it here). Or perhaps, you saw it unfold in the Facebook discussion with the global social group name change to NP World Social. To be clear, November Project, as an international movement, no longer uses this word to define our 52 communities. And now, we’re living in a moment in history, where again white and white-passing individuals, like myself, must confront their… well, our white privilege, our white fragility, and all of the ways in which our white-centered society have inherently created an unequal, unjust world. read more

Moving forward (Ottawa)

At November Project (NP) workouts, we have a responsibility to the people who show up to create a safe space that will welcome, challenge, & encourage members. We acknowledge that this space has not felt safe for all, especially our BIPoC members, & we sincerely apologize. Many institutions, organizations, & practices are rooted in white supremacy and colonialism— and NP is no different. Below is a snapshot of our multilayered plan to untangle white supremacy & white settler colonialism from our organization — & rebuild. As long as there is injustice, we will continue to break down/add/edit/modify/rebuild our organization & this plan. read more