This week we are listening (Ottawa)

The challenge this week is to listen to what’s out there. Be open to what others are sharing and create a safe space for those voices. 

There is more on that to come and what we can do as a community to be better. 

Here’s to bringing “Soles” together, 

Liz and Lauren 

The Talk

I remember growing up and hearing about parents having “the talk” with their kids. I’d see it on TV, usually instigated by a youth who’s curious about where they come from and how it happened. The birds and the bees, all that good stuff. “The talk” is a rite of passage, signalling that one has come of age and painting the picture around love, relationships, and adulthood. I couldn’t wait to have it; it would be so cool to have it happen just like on TV. Unfortunately, it did not. read more

6th Birthday Buff Bash

Happy Birthday NP YWG

Winnipeg Notes:

Today was our birthday, and it was awesome. Well over 100 of you showed up and we had you safely divided into 4 groups. Our resident photographer Mel did such an incredible job capturing the joy of the workout, that this will be a photo blog. THANK YOU MEL!

But before that, today is Global Running day and our partners Brooks are donating $1 to the Equal Justice Initiative for every person who signs up and runs 5km before June 7th, so please follow this link, sign up, and get out there and run. read more