Adapting (YEG)


It was so great to see so many of you last weekend at the button pickup. It was a good reminder of the energy that comes from being in the presence of others. For those that showed up thank you for showing up. I know I speak for Jen and Rob when I say that we truly appreciated seeing all of you. And we really can’t wait until we are able to do that more often. read more

We’re back, baby.

What a community. What a morning.

Winnipeg notes:
-successful, safe 1st workout back
-Friday’s at the Ledge are a GO
-next Wednesday is our 6th BIRTHDAY

Wow. Wow. Wow. This morning was special. Thank you all for showing up, for doing it safely, for respecting the rules, and for radiating joy from across the field so everyone else can feel it. After more than three years leading, I rarely get the jitters before a workout, but I knew this morning would feel different, so I ran to the workout to burn off some energy. But you all we’re a dream, the workout went off without a hitch. Seeing all the familiar faces and some new ones (!!!!) and seeing everyone posting all across the socials after the workout this morning gave me those early day feelings of excitement and glee, and it was good. If you didn’t make it out to the workout this morning, we divided into three groups and cycled through 3 stations. It was hard, it was a little bit silly and the sun was hitting just perfectly for the whole thing. Please reach out to us if you felt that anything was unsafe (or could be done more safely)- we’re always looking to improve. read more

Dear Mental Illness

Happy mental health awareness month! Has anything ever been more ironic than celebrating mental health during a pandemic? 

As mental health awareness and May come to an end, I wanted to talk about my experience around mental health and community. Specifically, this community.  

This is what mental health awareness month means to me, take it with a grain of salt because everyone’s experience will be different. Also, this feels like a good place to put a trigger warning for severe depression/mental illnesses. If you’re not in a place where you feel strong enough to read about another person struggling, that’s totally chill. Move along, this will be here when you’re feeling better. <3  read more

What’s up for this week? A challenge (Ottawa)