With Great Opportunity Comes Great Responsibility

Winnipeg Notes:
– In person workouts resume Wednesday, May 27th
– Safety is our #1 priority
– We will be following and respecting Manitoba Government guidelines
– All workouts will be completely no contact
– Mandatory new waivers
-The group will be broken up into smaller groups
– The workouts will be posted the day before for more fluidity
– If you have any symptoms, stay home
– We will adjust and adapt as necessary read more

NP MSP Bingo! (MSP)

Introducing… NP MSP BINGO!

What: A week-long exploration of beloved NP MSP workout locations.

When: Monday, May 25 – Sunday, May 31

Where: Allllll over the Twin Cities

Why: Get outside, get moving, and get after it! 

We have created a one-of-a-kind, week-long bingo game featuring 25 NP MSP workout spots (well, 24 and a free space, of course). Your goal is to get to as many locations as you can and complete the challenge at each spot. Locations and challenges will be listed on the bingo sheet. The bingo sheet will also feature a *hand-drawn* map to help you navigate. Think of it like a do-it-yourself Week of Wonder… it’s gonna be good. Need some navigation help? Here’s a map with all the spots. read more