We’re Having a Party – Kind Of (PVD)

Last year, when November Project Providence turned One, we had a celebration. Free Cold Brew. DJ at the workout. Donuts. Bagels. Magic. We crushed a PR day. We had nearly 200 people show up. Honestly, it was pretty incredible and you should’ve been there.

This year…well. It’s going to look a little bit different. Kind of.

WE ARE STILL CELEBRATING!! Maybe not together, but “together,” because we have one unifying workout to undertake.

In Providence, our PR day workout consists of running the stairs of the Rhode Island State House, and its grounds, for 40 sections of stairs, with a max time of 40 minutes.


Go out into your neighborhood, your town, your city, your state. Find a staircase. Run stairs. Repeat for 40 Minutes. read more