Building Something I Need [Bklyn]

For this birthday blog, I couldn’t decide between two themes–
1) If you build it, they will come
2) Something I Need
So instead, here is a mashup of both. 

“If you build it, they will come.”

This is a bounce we use in Brooklyn. It was most recently used by my coleader Jessica to kick off the Brooklyn Buster. For five mornings in the middle of winter, we met at 5:58AM. People came, no matter where we met or what the weather was like. We built it, and they came. Jessica crafted certificates for those that showed up all five days. We both signed them like we were official somebodies. Someone lamented that he would’ve shown up that one day if he knew there would be certificates. In reality, it was a piece of paper with ink. We built it, and they wanted to come.  read more

The New Normal by Elizabeth Harasty

Climb out!

Happy whatever day of the week it is! It’s your friendly neighborhood introvert, Liz! I was asked to write a blog that shares my COVID-19 shelter-in-place experience from the viewpoint of someone who is probably enjoying this way more that a lot of you right now. I mean, November Project is filled with amazing, beautiful, outgoing, extroverted humans-that’s the whole point of the group! I love each and every one of your social butterfly spirts; I just can’t relate to them. What I can relate to, is feeling uncomfortable, out of control of a situation, and frustrated. So, I would like to share some things with you that have helped me through this unprecedented time we are experiencing. From one introvert to…. a lot of lovely extroverts 😊 read more