So Much YAY for the 6k (BOS)

Even though it’s Monday and it’s a brand new week, we have to take a minute to reflect back on last Wednesday–the final Wed. of April–and the epic, global event that was the November Project Sunrise 6k.

Capozzi and I shared the idea about making a worldwide Sunrise 6k something we do as a whole big NP movement with BG, Bojan, and Laura, who keep this whole NP ship afloat, and they were like, “yeah, let’s do it…” And everyone did their part to connect with Strava and Brooks, and to hype the heck out of it, and to rally their NP-city communities to participate. Big thanks from us to BG, Bojan, and Laura for jumping in and really making it what it became. Initially we all thought there would be some excitement and we might get 1000 humans to rise with the sun and try out this “solo” Sunrise 6k thing. But weren’t we all surprised and amazed and positively freaking thrilled that about 18000 people signed up to participate in the event?!? You bet your butt we were. By the end of last Wed, just about 8000 people actually did a 6k and posted it on Strava. And the team of volunteers to read STORIES from all those who submitted them, have been busy at work reading. read more