Adapting (YEG)


It was so great to see so many of you last weekend at the button pickup. It was a good reminder of the energy that comes from being in the presence of others. For those that showed up thank you for showing up. I know I speak for Jen and Rob when I say that we truly appreciated seeing all of you. And we really can’t wait until we are able to do that more often. read more

We’re back, baby.

What a community. What a morning.

Winnipeg notes:
-successful, safe 1st workout back
-Friday’s at the Ledge are a GO
-next Wednesday is our 6th BIRTHDAY

Wow. Wow. Wow. This morning was special. Thank you all for showing up, for doing it safely, for respecting the rules, and for radiating joy from across the field so everyone else can feel it. After more than three years leading, I rarely get the jitters before a workout, but I knew this morning would feel different, so I ran to the workout to burn off some energy. But you all we’re a dream, the workout went off without a hitch. Seeing all the familiar faces and some new ones (!!!!) and seeing everyone posting all across the socials after the workout this morning gave me those early day feelings of excitement and glee, and it was good. If you didn’t make it out to the workout this morning, we divided into three groups and cycled through 3 stations. It was hard, it was a little bit silly and the sun was hitting just perfectly for the whole thing. Please reach out to us if you felt that anything was unsafe (or could be done more safely)- we’re always looking to improve. read more

Dear Mental Illness

Happy mental health awareness month! Has anything ever been more ironic than celebrating mental health during a pandemic? 

As mental health awareness and May come to an end, I wanted to talk about my experience around mental health and community. Specifically, this community.  

This is what mental health awareness month means to me, take it with a grain of salt because everyone’s experience will be different. Also, this feels like a good place to put a trigger warning for severe depression/mental illnesses. If you’re not in a place where you feel strong enough to read about another person struggling, that’s totally chill. Move along, this will be here when you’re feeling better. <3  read more

What’s up for this week? A challenge (Ottawa)

Making New Memories (BOS)

This week we honored Memorial Day and all the armed forces who have lost their lives fighting in wars for the United States. We also got reminded of all the many Memorial Day Mondays we’ve shared with our NP_BOS community–given that it’s a holiday and it’s often afforded us extra time on a Monday that we usually don’t have the luxury of sharing when people have to rush home and get to work. read more

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. (Worcester)

I feel like at one time or another, we have all heard this quote. More than likely when we have heard it, we rolled our eyes. Hard.

When I was in high school I had a friend who was battling an eating disorder. Seventeen year old peanut didn’t know shit about fuck (I credit Ruth from Ozark for that amazing saying) at that age. Before long, my friends problem became mine. I dove in head first. And I was surely in denial about the whole thing. I had teachers in high school and then professors in college say the denial statement to me. What did they know? read more

With Great Opportunity Comes Great Responsibility

Winnipeg Notes:
– In person workouts resume Wednesday, May 27th
– Safety is our #1 priority
– We will be following and respecting Manitoba Government guidelines
– All workouts will be completely no contact
– Mandatory new waivers
-The group will be broken up into smaller groups
– The workouts will be posted the day before for more fluidity
– If you have any symptoms, stay home
– We will adjust and adapt as necessary read more

NP MSP Bingo! (MSP)

Introducing… NP MSP BINGO!

What: A week-long exploration of beloved NP MSP workout locations.

When: Monday, May 25 – Sunday, May 31

Where: Allllll over the Twin Cities

Why: Get outside, get moving, and get after it! 

We have created a one-of-a-kind, week-long bingo game featuring 25 NP MSP workout spots (well, 24 and a free space, of course). Your goal is to get to as many locations as you can and complete the challenge at each spot. Locations and challenges will be listed on the bingo sheet. The bingo sheet will also feature a *hand-drawn* map to help you navigate. Think of it like a do-it-yourself Week of Wonder… it’s gonna be good. Need some navigation help? Here’s a map with all the spots. read more

We’re Having a Party – Kind Of (PVD)

Last year, when November Project Providence turned One, we had a celebration. Free Cold Brew. DJ at the workout. Donuts. Bagels. Magic. We crushed a PR day. We had nearly 200 people show up. Honestly, it was pretty incredible and you should’ve been there.

This year…well. It’s going to look a little bit different. Kind of.

WE ARE STILL CELEBRATING!! Maybe not together, but “together,” because we have one unifying workout to undertake.

In Providence, our PR day workout consists of running the stairs of the Rhode Island State House, and its grounds, for 40 sections of stairs, with a max time of 40 minutes.


Go out into your neighborhood, your town, your city, your state. Find a staircase. Run stairs. Repeat for 40 Minutes. read more

#SeenOnMyRun (YEG)

Today’s blog post is courtesy of Maria. Each of us who have had the privilege to share space with Maria knows that she emanates joy. Her positive energy, kind heart, and grateful spirit are gifts she shares with our November Project community. During our video meet after Monday’s “Seen On My Run” NP Scavenger Hunt, Maria shared some of her learnings from the morning. What she shared resonated with me and I hope that her takeaways speak to you as well. Thank you, Maria, for gifting us with your reflections. read more