(virtual)Sunrise 6k and the next best thing (Ottawa)

The name of the blog says it all (virtual)sunrise 6k. It’s pretty much exactly as it sounds minus the fact that there is no in person cheering, no racing up the stairs towards Parliament Hill and nor is there a weird hat or pair of sunglasses given out. However, what there is connection and not only here in Ottawa. When you hear about cities like Brooklyn and Baltimore hosting virtual sunrise 6k’s as well, you feel that much closer to a city that you maybe have yet to even visit. So, if there wasn’t funny glasses, a high five tunnel or added stencil onto your shirt did it even happen? Well yes, we gave you a set of parameters that included running alone, any time of the day between Monday to Friday and sharing how you felt during your run. When reading this list you can’t help but smile.  read more

The Best of Sunrise 6K by November Project


– Why “The Best Of Sunrise 6k”

– On April 29, we are doing a 1 day, Sunrise 6K race challenge on Strava

– The story you tell about your 6k run/walk is our main focus – The “Top 10 Best Of” winners will get laced up by Brooks Running

– Your attempt must be within 10 minutes of the sunrise in your particular city read more

Bringing back the blog

Winnipeg Notes:
-weekly blog coming back
-Virtual viewing party with Paddy
-Sunrise 6K, Wednesday April 29

Hello, out there, it’s me Megan. Well, it’s been over a month since we’ve been living this new reality and we’re slowly finding our new normal. In the hopes of preserving some familiar routines (and because I don’t know who I am, if I’m not of service to people, kidding-not kidding) I am bringing back the blog and will be publishing a new blog every Sunday. We are going to keep things positive and upbeat, I will have a weekly recap, request and challenge. read more

Y’All Good?

I miss hearing your collective response to that questions three times a week!

My responses have been mixed over the last couple of weeks. I am sure many of you may be feeling similar. There have been days when it has been pretty easy to get outside and run and others where I procrastinate so long that my intended morning workout turns into a 4-hour puzzle marathon. read more

This workout can be completed anywhere(Ottawa)

In no particular order here is what was great about this morning. By great, we mean knock the socks right off your feet and making you feel more buzzed than drinking three cups of coffee.

In no particular order here is our top reasons:

  1. If you live in a tree fort, upstairs apartment, town house or one bedroom loft you could complete this workout without leaving your living space.
  2. Ottawa was crowned the greatest city of all November Project communities. (crowned by us, for us)
  3. The intention of the workout was to keep us all connected in front of that screen #check
  4. Visitors from Milwaukee and San Diego would we have ever moved with these new faces if not for zoom?
  5. You completed 200 walking lunges.
  6. You were breathing heavy.
  7. Your Wednesday morning started again with consistency.

Some days the time flies by and other days you may feel like you could bake or eat 12 chocolate banana, bread loaves. What I find is helping keeping me on track during my days, is sticking to a routine. Waking up and going to bed at the same time. Reaching out to people but also putting down those devices. Wednesday mornings look a little different right now and that’s okay so does life. What I do know is that showing up and waving frantically at a screen while trying to unmute my mic is my new Wednesday morning buzz. The coffee chats after the workout and hearing more about peoples new daily house- bound endeavours are intriguing and some are quiet questionable. But we’re in this together. Thanks for sharing your morning, coffee, smiles and sweaty good vibes with us. read more

Tales from Nadim’s Living Room pt 2 (YEG)

Well, it’s definitely official, I’m losing my mind, so here’s some interesting things since the last time I blogged.

As you all know, I’m a big fan of cookies. I spent a ton of time hinting to Dayle that I need more cookies and baking here. Well, she finally picked up on my hints and made a ton of sugar cookies for me… the day after we grabbed some ice cream from Made by Marcus. However, at the same time, we got a delivery of macarons AND more cookies! We went from no cookies and baking to almost exclusively cookies and baking. That was a few weeks ago, and we are still working through the last few things. read more

Another shared sunrise (Ottawa)

Is this everyone?? I don’t think so, technical difficulties with the group photo. please feel free to share if you got a screenshot of the crew!

Today we got to share the morning and the sunrise with Newport Beach, who joined in on the zoom workout. Shout out to Chicago for the pot workout, it was SOLID.

Although this is a challenging time, without our regular activities, visits and human interaction, as well as the stress of health and finances, we are grateful to have this community. It has created a coming together, even of cities we have never worked out with before! When else would we have been able to workout with people from Newport Beach and Ottawa at the SAME TIME? It just makes us appreciate this shared experience, and making the most of these times. Not just surviving, but making new connections, new relationships, creating new memories, and putting smiles on people’s faces early on a Wednesday morning. The bonus of coffee time together post workout is not getting old. We are all in our living rooms/kitchens/dens/decks?/basements having a cuppa Joe, while learning about other people. read more

I See You (Columbus)


We just finished our third Zoom workout… Yay! (ish)

(At least) 3 more to go before there’s even a remote possibility of seeing each other. 

I know that we place a lot of emphasis around positivity. I mean shoot… we have a piece of wood we give out to people who are beams of positivity. These are strange times though… Positivity looks different in different times, and different on different people and I want to take some time to talk about what it looks like right now…  read more

Connection (YEG)

We’ve all been experiencing it – connecting right now is hard. But really, what does connection mean to you? The definitions haven’t changed: to feel linked to someone/something else, but the ways we can can connect have undeniably been limited. All that means to me is that we have to be better – strive to go beyond what we knew as normal. We can see that already by the amazing connections people are making over Zoom. All across the globe people are connecting in far more consistent ways and innovative ways than we ever did before. Obviously there are negatives that come with the situation we are in, but I hope this one positive thing is something that we keep in our daily routine once things calm down. read more

Welcome to the April Virtual Attendance Challenge

Starting today, right now, this very moment, November Project MSP is starting a month long attendance challenge. We are all holed up in isolation and if you’re anything like me, it is getting tough to kick myself out of bed to go workout by myself. So we’re here to help.

There are nine official November Project MSP workouts in April. Nine opportunities to join into the excitement with all 52 November Project cities around the globe. Collectively we are the greatest league in the world still putting on workouts in our own spaces, and you’re all a part of that, and we want to recognize your efforts. We want to reward you for going to bed early and waking up before the sun and putting in the work to make this work (or maybe you are waking up at 10 am and getting your workout in sometime before the sun goes back down – WHATEVER – we are just glad you’re there, doing your thing!). read more