Sunrise in Edmonton (YEG)

Wow. As cheesy as it sounds, I truly felt connected with so many of you this morning. And while I knew we were all suffering together on our own 6k journey, it’s the part after that I really missed. There are some days at NP where it was so great, that you get home, and want to spend the rest of the day on social media to relive the morning through everyone else’s perspective. I’ve been trying to see what everyone did on the socials and on strava and it truly was awesome. And again, with everyone sharing like they did today, I felt connected with you all once again. Whether you live in a different city now, or hadn’t been able to make it to a workout in awhile, seeing so many people suffer the same 6k was awesome. So, thank you all for your energy, your creativity and your hard work this morning. It truly was inspiring. I feel like meaning behind #NP_Continues has a new life for me. So keep bringing the energy, keep being creative and keep working hard. People need that right now, and you may not even realize it. read more

The Best (Ottawa)

Do you remember when we did the Sunrise 6K two weeks ago? There was something about sharing how we felt, and connecting together virtually that was pretty special. Today was the exact same distance, early morning 6k, same, same, but yet, we shared the sunrise with the entire world.

Some of our most memorable physical accomplishments may not have been personal records or the most successful attempts. Through these tense times, our goal is to celebrate the privilege of being able to move and create a connection with our fellow humans. In reflecting together, the connection continues with your story from this morning that you can share with the world. read more