We Miss(ed) You (BOS)

As the writer of a blog, there are times when you wonder if anyone is really reading this. You wonder, “does it make a difference… or am I just sitting here typing for myself?”

I believe the answer is yes, to both of those questions. Yes this blog makes a difference, because some of the November Project world has come to know and count on the blog from Boston coming out every Mon/Wed/Fri–either spouting some report of the badass workout or some thoughtful reflections about what that workout in this community might mean. Sometimes is short and humorous, other times lengthy and deep. And after taking some time away from writing the blog 3x/week while we adjust to virtual NP and personal lives that are far from normal, I can confidently say that yes, this blog is for me too. As a now long-time co-leader of NP_BOS, this blog has become a reliable place to share my feelings about November Project and the vast community of people who attend and are connected. It’s become a place where I reflect on my own experience of the morning, and the experiences of others, and offer a perspective that might just give an extra bit of staying power to the in-person morning workouts. Another moment of meaning, or excitement, or ah-ha that can be inspired by the brief time together, and that continues with you in thought or feeling throughout the day. read more