Spring & Virtual Sunrise 6km (YEG)

It’s so warm out!! I know you know this but I got so excited yesterday as I saw all of the mounds of ice floating down the river – ask Trent (my roommate) I mentioned it probably more times than necessary.

There is something about the transition from running on snow to running on pavement that gives me endless joy. Maybe it’s the jump in your step, the grip from your shoes, or just the warm air. It all just seems to give me a recharge mentally. read more

Quaran-King & Quaran-Queen (VB)

Our workouts may be virtual, and our physical presence socially distant, but you can always count on our November Project VB family to lift you up. In light of our regular Positivity and Hard Hat awards, we have created the virtual crowing of a King / Queen of the Quarantine. This morning was the official crowing of our favorite royal couple, Carla & Jim, two incredible humans that have no doubt won the heart of our NPVB community. read more

We Can Do Hard Things. Alone. Together.

  1. We had an amazing group of badasses locally and across NP land accomplish some pretty legit running achievements this weekend
  2. Sometimes we decide to do hard things, and sometimes hard things decide to find us. In both cases we have to #justshowup
  3. We are going to have a lot of fun next Wednesday running 6k at Sunrise, taking gorgeous pics and sharing our personal stories – and free Brooks shoes are up for grabs

YETI 24 Hour Challenge

Over the weekend, several members of our NP Columbus family decided that they were not going to let the quarantine life take away one of their greatest joys – running. Morgan Green, Stephanie Baker, Anna Snyder, Miranda Kibler, Leather Kilburg, Michael Pawlus, Robin Dobler, Katie Montemayor, and John Kohlhepp set off on solo adventures where they were tasked to run 5 miles every four hours over the course of a 24 hour period, completing a total of 30 miles each. Some decided that the race challenge wasn’t enough, so they also opted to start their fun in torrential downpours, high winds and darkness. Some further decided that 30 miles wasn’t quite enough, and tacked on an extra mile to complete the 24 hour 50k. The level of fierceness can not be understated in this group!! I know more people have seen these efforts and are planning to run this coming weekend, too. read more

(virtual)Sunrise 6k and the next best thing (Ottawa)

The name of the blog says it all (virtual)sunrise 6k. It’s pretty much exactly as it sounds minus the fact that there is no in person cheering, no racing up the stairs towards Parliament Hill and nor is there a weird hat or pair of sunglasses given out. However, what there is connection and not only here in Ottawa. When you hear about cities like Brooklyn and Baltimore hosting virtual sunrise 6k’s as well, you feel that much closer to a city that you maybe have yet to even visit. So, if there wasn’t funny glasses, a high five tunnel or added stencil onto your shirt did it even happen? Well yes, we gave you a set of parameters that included running alone, any time of the day between Monday to Friday and sharing how you felt during your run. When reading this list you can’t help but smile.  read more