Connection (YEG)

We’ve all been experiencing it – connecting right now is hard. But really, what does connection mean to you? The definitions haven’t changed: to feel linked to someone/something else, but the ways we can can connect have undeniably been limited. All that means to me is that we have to be better – strive to go beyond what we knew as normal. We can see that already by the amazing connections people are making over Zoom. All across the globe people are connecting in far more consistent ways and innovative ways than we ever did before. Obviously there are negatives that come with the situation we are in, but I hope this one positive thing is something that we keep in our daily routine once things calm down. read more

Welcome to the April Virtual Attendance Challenge

Starting today, right now, this very moment, November Project MSP is starting a month long attendance challenge. We are all holed up in isolation and if you’re anything like me, it is getting tough to kick myself out of bed to go workout by myself. So we’re here to help.

There are nine official November Project MSP workouts in April. Nine opportunities to join into the excitement with all 52 November Project cities around the globe. Collectively we are the greatest league in the world still putting on workouts in our own spaces, and you’re all a part of that, and we want to recognize your efforts. We want to reward you for going to bed early and waking up before the sun and putting in the work to make this work (or maybe you are waking up at 10 am and getting your workout in sometime before the sun goes back down – WHATEVER – we are just glad you’re there, doing your thing!). read more

A Guest Blog – Meet Alex (Ottawa)

Alex reached out to us about a women in sport event she was helping out with and to see if we may be keen to get involved. We often will be excited to chat about new ideas that come forth, and will suggest they show up to NP, come workout with us, and go for coffee to chat more about it. So that’s exactly what she did. And then I’m pretty sure she has showed up basically every Wednesday she is town since. We’ve been able to see Alex’ role in the community evolve through time. We’ve seen her take on the lead of welcoming newbies, of being a consistent encourager of others, of inviting others to coffee, just to make sure they know it’s available post workout. She makes this community we share stronger, and through these isolated and challenging times, we still get to see her smiling face on Zoom, still lighting up the morning for others. Thanks for showing up Alex and for continuing to make us better. read more