Touching Base. #NP_Continues

To My NP Phoenix Community, 

As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout our communities, we have all had to make some serious adjustments to our typical routines and practices to help keep one another safe. As I am sure you are all aware it is very important that we continue to practice social distancing at this time which means we as a November Project global movement are not holding in-person events and workouts. As mentioned in the official NP statement, “as an organization that thrives on community engagement, group fitness, and defying social norms, it pains us to have to postpone all in-person workouts until further notice, but it is our responsibility to protect the health of our members, leaders, and family members globally.”  read more

Together (apart). Responsible Social Distancing.

Hey Fam,
Strange times out there, but we can get through this together (apart). It has been beyond heartwarming to see all of your faces over ZOOM at our morning workouts! Keep showing up, we’ll be there for you, no matter what!

Look at all those smiling faces!

It’s a wild world right now, but here in Manitoba we were given an early warning. We were given a head start that most other places weren’t. We saw this coming, we knew what the spread of this virus could look like and we were given the opportunity to stay ahead of it. Every morning I look at this map of Canada and I feel so grateful for this place that we live and this chance that we were given.
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