Games Day! (YEG)

Did any of you come this morning expecting to workout both your bodies and your brains? Thanks to Rob and his creative spin on Wheel of Fortune you got to do both!

A bridge triple crown with consonant exercise sets and a vowel burpee challenge you all to solve the three phrases in under 30 minutes…with 7 minutes to spare! I suspect Rob was hoping for an even speedier solve time as 23 minutes of burpees was quite the feat. read more

The Sneaky Sebastian (BOS)

You know our old friend Sebastian, the 7 minutes of heaven burpees.  That 420 seconds of glory.  Well we made it just a little more fun and spread out today.
We raced the crosswalk lights on opposite islands at the Porter Square T stop.  The sweet SIXTY seconds of intense movements, the dirty THIRTY seconds of burpees and then 30 seconds to get across the street to dive right back into it.
read more

NPSD February Five Peaks Challenge!!

The New Year is well on it’s way and it’s time to start signing up for those 2020 races you’ve had your eye on.   February is also trail month at NPSD and we want to take it to the next level this year!  Introducing…. NPSD FEBRUARY FIVE PEAKS CHALLENGE!

Captain ANN WALSH!

Over the last few weeks I have been thinking about how our community sustains itself and the important role of leadership. And even though Baltimore has the best co-leaders, it is also has equally committed captains on the team. They organize, support and inspire.  I am thrilled that we now have a way to recognize and appreciate these superstars. read more