Runners Safety Awareness Week (YEG)

While this particular week is coming to a close the important message of the Runners Safety Awareness Week (going on until Sunday) is not diminished at all.

RSAW is organized by former NPNYC co-leader John Honerkamp, which is awesome but more importantly it is an online initiative to essentially look out for one another and make smart decisions. Since we have early morning workouts that start (and end) in the dark, this is particularly pertinent for November Project members.  read more

Pole Dancing (BOS)

Yes the workout this morning was called Pole Dancing. And, no…we’re not doing that kind of pole dancing. We threw in a little “pole dancing” spice to the regular hills this morning. Everyone kept their clothes on and there were no dollar bills being thrown…all the poles we danced between were the telephone poles along the steep, steep street. Here’s how it worked: read more