Fired Up (YEG)

After breaking through that cold snap last week, all I could think about this morning was getting fired up. Sure sure it’s only January but I felt like we had successfully leaped over a hurdle. Despite the weather or because of the weather we saw our community in Edmonton thrive. We continued to do what, at its core, November Project is all about. Showing up for each other despite the weather. To be outdoors despite our warm beds. To build up our community despite living in a place where the air can hurt our face haha. In all seriousness we really did all that and I know we are ready to go for round two whenever mother nature is ready. read more

Balmy on the Bridge

Bridge Challenge Warriors

Winnipeg Note’s
– The Great Skate registration closes this Friday
– Full weekend of events for The Great Skate
– Friday Guest co-leaders
– Shabooyah to Toby

The Great Skate 2019

Copied from an e-mail from the Race Director himself;
**Registration for the race closes this Friday, January 24th at noon** read more

Runner Safety is for Everyone (VB)

Picture By: Justin Hall

So this week is Runner Safety Week. In addition to many articles detailing tips and advice, there is a weeklong Event held by The Run Collective in NYC. It always feels so impersonal reading these tips from your computer or your phone. “This could never happen to me!” “It would never happen where I live, it’s safe here!” I know, because I used to be one of those people. Until it happened in my city, to one of my very good friends. read more

Keeping it Hot (BOS)

Since the earliest days of November Project–hell, since before it was a “project” and was just the beginning of an idea in conversation over a beer in a bar between two friends–this thing has been about simply NOT letting the weather get in the way of movement. It’s been about acknowledging that it’s cold or windy or all the winter things, and deciding anyway–sometimes deciding because of the weather–to go out anyway. To go out into the world, into the cold, fresh air and to move our bodies. To get something almost unexplainable from the experience that positively impacts our physical well-being, as well as our mental state, our sense of social connection, and our overall feelings about the rest of the day (and life). read more

The moments before the bounce (Ottawa)

Every morning when we show up at a different location, I always find the couple of moments before we gather and bounce very surreal. I take a couple of deep breaths, think about what we are about to do, and the feeling of anticipation never seems to fade. There is something so special about the silhouettes coming from multiple directions, the darkness of the morning is so real (as in, it’s really really dark at that hour in the winter), but you can still see people hugging, connecting, introducing themselves, and new people being welcomed. That is what you all do to create community. It’s the simple routines, norms and culture that has developed and evolved over time that you see come into action every Wednesday morning. read more