Krylon!! (YEG)

Today was likely the only time you’ll see a can of Krylon spray paint in January at November Project in Edmonton. đź’ĄYAYđź’Ą to everyone who showed up this morning, ran the bridge deck, worked “the north and south sides” of their body, played a game of What’s in the Bag?, and were awarded with a bag full of NP buttons – the Krylon spray paint one! read more

Snowglobe 2020 Recap (CHI)

I took off on a solo winter getaway weekend to the exotic city of Syracuse, NY to attend the second annual November Project Snowglobe.  Five northeastern NP cities planned a packed weekend full of winter fun. If you didn’t go, we missed you.  Seriously. The only thing that would have made the weekend better was even more people taking over the city. If you did go, HOW MUCH FUN DID YOU HAVE?  As I wrote this on Sunday night I was somehow both exhausted and energized just thinking back on the 48 hour blizzard of fun. read more

The Great #ML6k8 (BOS)

We might not have a giant frozen river on which everyone can don their favorite footwear of winter and skate a blisteringly fast 6k in the frigid winter air.

But here in Boston, we made the most out of an EPIC idea and event that our friends at November Project Winnipeg created, called The Great Skate. We just made it amazing in our city, with our resources, and our incredible, wonderful, lovable (not exactly skate-regular) community members. read more