Perspective (YEG)

We made it!! We made it through the first cold spell of 2020 and you all crushed it. Capping it off with some hill repeats you could tell, even through the buffs covering your face, that smiles and laughs were had. We even had CTV out to document your awesome-ness.

As I was running up the hill this morning a car took the time to roll down their window in this cold weather and yell out “go home.” In that moment I was initially struck by a sense of pride, ‘hell ya, we are out here, we are weatherproof and random-car-man you don’t know what you’re missing.’ By the time I was at the top of the hill I was struck by a different thought. One that contemplated the need to think about perspective.
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Need-2°-Knows (BOS)

It basically felt like 2° (in case you were wondering how to pull off this fancy trick option+shift+8; I’ll be looking forward to seeing it in all your IG captions this winter) so here’s the 2 things you need to know on this two degree day.

the ML6k8 @ 8 : This Monday we’re having our regularly scheduled 6:30am workout in the seaport at the free fitness park here. BUUUT after this workout we’re moving over to the ice rink for a 6K on Sk8s – – The first official ML6k8! at 8am. So if you don’t have to work please join us for some fun as Seaport Boston is graciously hosting us in the space! read more