Ummmmmmm… what happened this morning? Why were there so many people that showed up this morning? You are all lunatics. I still haven’t warmed up from this morning and it’s almost dark out again.

To those who came, I hope you had fun. And to those who chose to not bear the temperatures, I commend you. I must say, I’m still on the fence whether or not we all just have bad judgement or we truly are pushing limits by being out there. There are definitely times when we hope people who don’t show have FOMO. I don’t think today was one of those times. In fact, I don’t truly know how cold it was this morning. I checked at 5am and it said it was -40. And I had no care to check it right before and after the workout. All I wanted to do was get warm… I’m still wanting that by the way. read more

2020, y'all. (ATX)

We all hear that a new year is a time for reflection & setting goals….so the start of a new decade sure does bring extra pressure!  As we think ahead for ways to make 2020 and beyond extra special, we wanted to share some of our thinking, and most importantly, ways to more deeply engage the leadership offered from within our beautiful community.   Collectively, our creativity and collaboration can continue to make November Project in Austin a space to become better and stronger versions of ourselves and engage with our wonderful city. read more

A morning in January (Ottawa)

Another morning in January, but different than yesterday, and different than last Wednesday. Today we ventured to the Rideau River Adàwe Crossing for 30 minutes of movement. New Wednesday, new bridge, new workout, new people! We bounced, we worked on our ability to not dominate the entire bridge for the commuters and we moved. read more

November Project People: Ken Gareau (BOS)

This is the 7th installment of the regular feature on NP_BOS blog called November Project People (NPP). NP members interview other NP members, and we all get to know each other a bit better. #community

Interview with Ken Gareau, by Laura D’Onofrio

My interview was with Ken Gareau. He is an awesome human, incredibly funny and although he says he is anti-social, I don’t believe it. I don’t remember how or when we stuck up a conversation and started to get to know each other. I think it had to do with me overhearing that he was climbing the stairs with an injury, with a backpack full of rocks or something. I probably commented on that not being a good idea and that he should take care of the injury and thus began our friendship. Ken is one of those people I may not see at the beginning of a workout but he always seems to appear when I am struggling and then will encourage and goad me to keep going, daring me to get to my goal for the morning. He doesn’t allow me to make excuses, especially when I start saying I’m too old for this stuff. Nope won’t take that. He is a good dude and I chose to interview him because I knew some things about him but wanted to know ALL things. read more

Badass Unicorn Intentions

Happy 2020 everyone! What a beautiful day for everyone to be badasses and unicorns. No basic unicorns were seen today!

It’s that time of year again where it’s time to make new year’s resolutions! Or I guess that time has passed and now it’s time to start implementing your new year’s resolution. 
read more

Keepin It Fresh (VB)

It’s been a minute since my last blog, and I want y’all to know, it ain’t always easy keepin it fresh. Curating content, writing rhymes, hyping the hype, creating new banger workouts; these things are all essential tasks as a leader. Having all that shit on point, capturing incredible photos and growing a movement in your city…that’s what us leaders call “Crushing It”!  read more


It’s almost time for our 3rd annual SOUTHWEST COLLISION COURSE!!! This is undoubtedly one of the best events of the year, bringing together NP-San Diego, NP-Phoenix, NP-Los Angeles, and NP-West LA in one epic location! It’s a weekend of camping, relay racing, and bonding with people who are just as crazy as you for waking up at the crack of dawn week after week. As always, all fitness levels are welcome, just come prepared for a seriously fun time!

Please check in with your local leaders for information/logistics on sleeping arrangements, carpools and teams.


This year we will be staying at=&0=&

=&1=&=&2=& March 20-22. Main event to take place evening of 21st
=&3=& 17550 Bear Valley Lane, Escondido, CA 92027

=&5=&Qigong=&6=&Guac Off / Lunch=&7=&All participants present=&8=&Set up/prep for race=&9=&Race brief=&10=&Final announcements=&11=& BOUNCE=&12=& LET’S RACE=&13=&=&14=&Bear Valley Farms is an organic farm specializing in farm to table, sustainable agriculture and holistic wellness, growing organic avocados, figs, guavas, flowers, koi fish, & more! The property features 117 acres in the heart of Escondido with plenty of trails to be explored.

=&15=&Pack it in, pack it out. Please keep the farm clean and leave it cleaner.
Please use designated portable toilets- no waste on the farm.
Quiet hours begin at 10 PM
Do not pick anything off the grounds – this is a critical time for the growth of many of their crops, so do not pick anything off of the ground, trees, bushes, etc.
Unfortunately, no dogs allowed this year.

=&16=&Parking is limited, but plan on carpooling or potentially being shuttled from a public parking lot. More details to come.

=&17=&The main event this weekend is our relay race. You will be placed on a relay team, and will have a partner within that team that you will be running with at all times for safety. Each team will complete a certain amount of miles throughout the race. We will share more information on the course and distance options ASAP.

~If you’re not into racing, are injured, or just don’t feel like committing to a team/running, you are still 100% welcome to join the weekend, hang out and enjoy yourself!

=&18=&=&19=&Come hang if you want an extra day/night on the farm!
Please be here between 6 and 9PM if you plan to arrive on Friday (times subject to change).

=&20=&Please plan on arriving in the early afternoon to set up & socialize.
Race will be in late afternoon/evening into the night.
Stay tuned for updates on exact times

=&21=&Wake up when you wish, have breakfast and head home! We’ll be wrapping things up by 1PM.

=&22=&-Trail shoes (or your most durable/sturdy regular running shoes- we are highly recommending people stay away from light/minimal support running shoes for this event)
-Head lamp (=&23=&, we’ll be racing in the dark!)
-Sleeping equipment (sleeping bag, tent, sleeping mat, pillow, extra blankets)
-Warm clothes for night time
-Running outfit (maybe a few outfit changes & extra layers as it will get colder into the night)
-Comfortable shoes
-FOOD! (+ coolers/whatever you need to store food in). Due to all the variety of allergies/food preferences, we ask that everybody be in charge of their own food supply. Please make sure you have food for yourself. Snacks are heavily encouraged as well!
-WATER. Hydrate hydrate hydrate. Bring more than you think you need!