November Rain (YEG)

Did anyone else have Guns N’ Roses flashback this morning as they ran in the November Rain? Did anyone else ever experience a junior high dance moment when this song was played and you ended up in the longest dance embrace ever??!! Sometimes it was a blessing and other times it was painful? And what do you do during a slow dance when that odd fast beat starts? Wasn’t that the most awkward time? If no one else ever experienced this, I just gave you a glimpse into my junior high angst. read more

WOAH, that was good (BOS)

There are many, many things I’ve done with November Project that are weird, a little crazy, and unexpected. The WOahMAN NP triathlon is absolutely all of those things. There’s nothing like getting up reallllly early in the morning to go do some fitness thing in the dark, cold morning that makes people think you’re cray cray. And it’s definitely ridiculous to take all 3 of the NP days of the week and smash them together into one single event that you do all at once. Who would ever think to do that? read more

ECSCA Weekend Breakdown 2019 (SF)

Welcome to “sunny” California! I hope we have good weather for you to enjoy during your stay. I know the decision between ECSCA and Summit was a hard one but we’ll have a fun weekend here too! Here is everything going on so you can plan your time in SF.

During the week, if you get in early, come join us for our Wednesday workout at Alta Plaza (5:30 and 6:30am). Then we have our impromptu Thursday trail runs starting from North Tower Golden Gate Parking Lot at 5:30am (roughly 8.5 mile loop), and our Friday workout (see more below)! There will be an InsideTracker event Wednesday night and there are also a few events being put on by The North Face Thursday and Friday. read more