#justshowup (YEG)

There are a lot of reasons to #justshowup!

But let’s not kid ourselves, it is definitely easier to show up between April and October. We get to wake up with the sun, sometimes the outdoors are warmer than indoors for those with the privilege of AC, you don’t need as much time to get ready since there are fewer layers to put on…you get the picture. read more

Hey There, Pumpkin (PVD)

Last night around 8:30, I went to a local grocery store, and bought 3 pumpkins, because I wasn’t super sure people would bring them today, and I figured “it’s probably safe to have a few extras.”

What I did not expect today was the sea of orange that embraced the stairs and hills of the State House for our post-Halloween discount sales-price pumpkin workout. read more

Wednesdays Forever (BOS)

As a celebration of the 8 amazing years of November Project in Boston, we handed out (spray painted) one-time-only tags during the workout this morning. As a way of looking back at all these years here, as well as at the 51 other cities of NP around the world and going, yeah, this shit is gooooood. But it also allows us to take another look at how far things can go forward. Heck, turn that 8 sideways…and it makes that cool infinity symbol. That means forever. read more

Just KEEP Showing UP (VB)

We are several weeks into fall and it is sad to say, many of our friends have fallen for the tricks of the seasonal change. Who Me? Yes, I see you laying under your down comforter reading this. It’s OK, we aren’t here to throw shade, we have all been there. It’s dark AF out and you are pretty sure that you’re probably going to have to wear an actual jacket if you go to the workout tomorrow.  You lay in bed scrolling Instagram, debating in the back of your mind if you REALLY want to go to Wednesday’s workout. You are pretty sure your friend has to work early, so he won’t be there, and your ankle has been kind of tweaked lately. “Ah, I’ll just skip it tomorrow. Only once.” you say. But then, something really terrible happens… you do that shit again on Friday, because it is so much darker and colder on Friday. Before you know it, the stores are putting out green shamrocks and you have missed your NP family most of the winter. Not to mention your jeans haven’t fit in a month. read more

Indy Monumental Marathon Weekend ’19 Deets (IND)

Happy Monumental Marathon Week everybody!!! There is racing through the city, there is hype, and it’s November….the Monumental Marathon was pretty much made for November Project. So whether you are running or just want to see what the scoop is, here is your guide to marathon week in Indy:

Friday – November Project Indy on the banks of the White River! We will be meeting at Celebration Plaza which is where we held the FIRST EVERY NP INDY FRIDAY WORKOUT!! Even if you’re running on Saturday, still #justshowup. Get the legs moving, shake it out, we won’t wreck your legs for the race, we promise. read more

Sebastian who? (OTTAWA)

Like so many Wednesdays long ago we found ourselves watching human after human make their way towards the Centennial Flame once again. The closer they approached the more you began to crack a smile, maybe opened-up your arms for a warm embrace or held out a hand to be high-fived. To the new faces amongst the group that was one way to kick off an introduction to November Project. read more