Birthdays Are Big But So Are the Other Days (BOS)

Today is the birthday of November Project, that great big goofy thing we do in Boston on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. And we made all kinds of noise about it this morning at the hills–as did many who love NP on social media. And birthdays are definitely a big deal. They allow us to celebrate, and reflect, and look back at when things were so little and young…and how they’ve grown and developed…and all the progress and change that’s happened. And that reflection is essential to being able to grow things forward with intention. So yay for birthdays, for NP’s big birthday today, and all the other time-markers of growth we have. read more

Fun with Numbers (YEG)

It’s great to see so many people dress up for the kick off to November Project’s 8th birthday month. How about the two Forest Gumps on the hill?

Let’s jump right back into a history class. Or maybe this is a stats class. It’s some kind of class.

2011: November Project started in Boston read more

We missed you: Dearest Robin (SF)

It’s a sad day when a verbal gets broken. Our friend, Robin Lilley, offered up a verbal over instagram message late Thursday night, but for some reason she failed to show up. Where was she? We may never know, but we’ve got some theories.

Maybe she was up late doing her makeup? We know she always looks fly, but perhaps she was trying to make an extra-bold statement at work this Friday. read more