Swimming (Worcester)

Below is a well written blog from our member Chris. He’s ALWAYS around, spreading good vibes. If he isn’t in the Woo- he is traverbaling somewhere else. He is a staple in the community for sure. Thanks for sharing this with us, and we are always GLAD YOU’RE HERE.

I’m gonna go for it
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Attendance Challenge and Week of Wonder (WOW!)

A couple of quick notes about some of the upcoming events around town.

Attendance Challenge

The Attendance Challenge works like this:
There is a big old attendance chart. Every time you show up, you get to check off/add a sticker/mark up the attendance chart. The challenge will run for every workout between tomorrow (November 1st) and our 6th birthday (January 25th). Throughout the challenge there will be awards and prizes for folks that show up the most, and some random prizes for just showing up that day. So keep showing up. read more

Hello Darkness My Old Friend (PVD)

The best part about the end of October is not the PR Day, or the spooky costumes, or the free candy, but the fact that just around the corner is the end of Daylight Saving Time for the rest of the year.

Why? Because we get an extra hour of sleep? Better – it makes that extra hour an easier opportunity to get up out of bed and do things early in the morning. 5:27 is a LOT easier when it feels like 6:27.

Something magical happens before the sun comes up every Wednesday morning. In the hours before dawn, we sweat together, we see the steam come off the faces of friends, we laugh together. read more

Contender in the Room (YEG)

We know the value of community, we know the advantages of doing things as a group, but having a contender adds that little extra bit. At the end of each month we have a ‘race day’ – while at Royal Glenora Stairs we push as hard as we can for 28min 19sec.

What I find adds that extra push is having a contender in the room. When it comes to race day it’s that person right in front of you. Even if you don’t know their name you keep them in sight. As you see them striving forward you strive forward too. It keeps us pushing making us better with each step. read more

Halloworkout 2019


Winnipeg Notes
– Halloworkout
– Halloween Karaoke tonight
– November Project’s Project of November
– Tags are finished for the year
– Shabooyah to Desiree

Pumpkin Wall Sits

What a Spooktacular morning! Despite hitting our first – double digit numbers you still showed up in big numbers, costumed, carrying pumpkins! Monster Mash seems to be on the list of songs to listen to before we bounce at the next Halloworkout. We had our first taste of the Cement Castle Wonderland and boy did it feel good to be back, enjoying her beautiful structure, glistening mural walls and sneaky stairs. The pumpkin Pass race was hilarious and there was great team work carrying pumpkins for the circuit. Did anyone manage to eat more brownies than Scott? Was he really rolling sixes or doing any of the burpees? We will never know. read more

What does science have to do with it? (BOS)

Did you know that 97.2% of people who run stairs in the stadium with NP have more fun on Wednesdays than people who don’t?

I just made that up, but there’s a great group of people who are actually trying to study NP. Like for science. In order to get as much data as humanly possible, we really want every one of you to contribute to the research. PLEASE READ THIS SHORT BLOG, which includes the link to complete the research. read more

Guest Blog: Meet Danielle (Ottawa)

Do you ever question how you’ve become part of such a large, exuberant, extended family from time to time? Well let us introduce Danielle, she has questioned it herself maybe not just once but numerous times over the past two years. If you have yet to meet Danielle she is a generous friend who listens, takes time to digest what you’ve shared with her and will whole heartedly speaks the honest truth back at you. This environmentally friendly, biker gang member has seen her relationship with NP grow and has some words to share. We thank you, Danielle for continuing to show up, be present and encourage others to step outside of their comfort zone. It’s about time you meet Danielle. read more

Bad Break Up (Guest Blog) – VB

Our love started in the spring of 2003.  It was a hot flame that burned fast and bright.  It’s all I could talk about, the relationship consumed me and my life revolved around it.  I kept wanting more from the relationship and kept pushing for it to go further.  Every decision that I made was designed to keep this relationship strong; what I ate, when I went to sleep, my weekend plans, what I spent my money on, and eventually even my career.  I would drive at ungodly hours to meet up with strangers that I met online.  I was changing my clothes in public restrooms.  Friends who didn’t want any part of it, fell by the wayside.  I started hanging out with completely different people.  My family couldn’t understand why I was obsessed, but for me it was crystal clear.  I was completely infatuated and in love.  This relationship became my identity, it’s who I was.  Even now, after the break-up, I’m still holding on to feelings.  I still hold hope that we can reunite one day.  read more

Goodbye Dallas, Thank You For Letting Me Fail and Learn

On the morning of February 2nd 2016 I took my first steps in Dallas, at the Winspear Opera House for a We Run Big D workout. I moved to Dallas for my first job out of college, a city and state I had never visited, and my perception was clouded with stereotypes (some I found to be true, but most not). I felt comfortable moving to Dallas because I saw that there was a November Project pledge. I knew I could plug into a group to make friends and be held accountable, making this north easterner more willing to move to the deep south. read more

We Need Your Help With Science!

November Project Members embrace at Pre-Boston-Marathon workout

If you scroll through the blog, it’s filled with nearly eight years of stories that illustrate how November Project transforms lives for the better. Thousands have joined workouts around the globe and discovered a community that is growth-minded, yet it meets you where you are at. Newbies, originals, and regulars inspire one another to show up, work hard, and challenge their limits. Whether your experience with November Project motivated you to get moving on frigid mornings, take on your first triathlon, or dive deeply into the world of stair running, we’re elated by your journey, and we’d like to hear from you. We know that it works, but the policy makers, bean counters, and exercise nerds of the world need data if we want to see our movement grow!

November Project is teaming up with Dr. Evan Johnson at the University of Wyoming Division of Kinesiology and Health to understand, investigate, and quantify how this free fitness movement translates to physical activity habits outside of our early morning workouts. Specifically, we’d like to measure NP participants’ feelings of fitness independence both within NP workouts and within your own workouts. We are looking for people who have attended at least one November Project workout within the past three months. This study will be conducted through online questionnaires and an optional phone interview, requiring a total of 25 to 60 minutes of your time. You can take the first step by clicking on this link. We (including the researchers) appreciate your time and can’t wait to share what you tell us!

If you have questions about your rights as a research subject, please contact the University of Wyoming Institutional Review Board Administrator at 307-766-5320.