Good Stuff Friday (BOS)

There’s always a lot of good stuff going on–but today’s blog is going to be focused on highlighting a few of the good things worth paying attention to today. Dig in, and get some good on ya’.

positivity award

Today’s recipient of the Positivity Award, given to members of our community who really show up, not only for workouts, but also as human beings, for the workouts and for the rest of us. They bring an energy, a dedication, even sometimes through a quiet demeanor or through a purposeful effort in what they do both in and out of NP. Joe Katusich (@mojoefoshobro) is one of those people. He not only pushes himself to work hard and have a lot of fun at workouts, he’s constantly lifting up the people around him. He takes risks and tries new things to get out of his comfort zone, and he commits himself to his work at the Martin Richard Foundation (@team_mr8). He’s got a great big heart, and he’s genuine when he tells you about how NP has changed his life. That kind of impact is pretty reciprocal, so we’re super glad that Joe is here. read more