Did Today Really Happen? (YEG)

NP Family, Andrew Ference 2019, A post modern rendering of a Friday workout

There is a high probability that a workout happened. Maybe a bounce. Possibly a “Fuck Ya!” Pretty sure people showed up for some #hillsforbreakfast. I am almost certain that hills were crushed, the cold was endured, and that high-fives/hugs happened.

I am not 100% sure because the phone froze right before any photo evidence could have been saved. Who would have thought that we are more #weatherproof than a Google phone. Take that Sundar. read more

Field #Goals (ORL)

It was nearly 100° warmer in Orlando than it was at November Project Chicago this past Wednesday, yet the people who showed up for a Sunshine State Super Bowl challenge were bundled up as if they’d be meeting by Lake Michigan instead of Lake Baldwin. We huddled up and got the blood flowing with a bounce borrowed from Friday Night Lights. ‘Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose’ was the mantra for the morning’s game. After a warmup that proved that, while completely badass, this tribe is far from making it to the Battle of the Pigskin.

The group separated into two teams, and had a series of exercises to complete to earn a point for their team. A 3-burpee blitz was an occasional welcomed(?) break in the action. It is not a foreign notion to me that there are Patriots fans and there are ‘the haters’. With a majority of the tribe choosing to play for LA, and the Patriots losing several players to work obligations, #angelface and the Rams came out ahead at the end of regulation. We went into overtime with A ‘Best of You’ plank/push-up burnout. The morning ended in a dead heat with all players leaving everything on the field.

“I just love working hard. I love being part of a team; I love working toward a common goal.” – Tom Brady

Congrats to everyone for working as a team, accomplishing all of your Wednesday morning goals and sharing the love of NP with family, friends, colleagues and strangers.



  • Hold yourself accountable, and recruit a friend! Every time you show up for a Wednesday workout you get an entry for some super cool giveaways! Bring a friend and you get a bonus entry sticker!
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  • Send warm wishes to your fellow #weatherproof friends up north, it’s cold. 🥶
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    Fitness Extravaganza Weekend (Boston 2.1.19)

    Ok tribe. Not only did we have a pretty amazing, albeit crusty, salty, cold, icy, snowy Friday morning on Summit Ave hills with our #FullFrontal workout. That’s where we run only front hills and try to get as many as we can before 7:18am. But we also have a whole bunch of cool stuff — fitness fun — and opportunities to gather, sweat, meet new people, challenge ourselves, get fitter, faster, and cooler, over the next few days. read more