2015: Year of the Goat (SF)

2015 started off exactly how it should have: with stairs on hills on stairs on hills. It is the year of the goat, folks, which couldn’t be more perfect for the city of San Francisco. Have you ever seen Paddy run up hills? HE’S A FUCKING GOAT. And so will all of you be every Friday this year. (In my head right now I am imagining a 1950’s sales pitch of me standing on a soap box ranting on and on about how YOU TOO can be part goat, all you have to do is purchase these hooves for $19.95 in 4 payments and you too could have an irish accent, mumble words really quickly, and dash up hills like an 8 year old running to first base in tee ball.) But I digress, how very Clayton of me.

In short: This year is going to be the best yet. Get ready to get faster, stronger, and fitter than you’ve ever been.

Monday: Fort Mason. 6:25 AM. DSC_0010

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