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We’re entering 2016 on a high note.  You all showed up this morning, knowing it was going to be cold, knowing that you were going to have to put in work for PR Day, knowing you’d be racing your fastest mile tomorrow morning, knowing that this shit just doesn’t get easier (you just get faster!).  And still, with those odds stacked against you, you pulled yourself out of bed, put on a big silly grin, and threw down with 100 of your San Diego peeps.  Be proud of the effort you exerted this morning, and be proud of the incredible things you’ve accomplished this year.  The NPSD tribe has done some amazing things in 2015.  The value we’ve brought to ourselves, our neighbors, and our community can’t be fitted with a price tag.  So be proud of the light you’ve brought to your city, and the movement you’ve all been a part of growing.


Here’s a quick look at what’s happened.

-we said goodbye to the Convention Center, and said hello to the wonders of Balboa Park √

-we welcomed on a new co-leader from the glamorous land of LA √

-we began exploring ever inch of our city #MayhemMondays √

-we welcomed the co-founder of November Project, Brogan Graham, to his new San Diego home √

-we raced the sunrise in a 6k along the beach, more than once! √

-we ate cookies, brownies, cake, focaccia, cupcakes, etc (and did fitness stuff…) √

-we raced 8 Balboa Park PR days (that’s dozens of trips up and down that unforgiving hill) √

-we met hundreds of new faces from across the city, country, nation, the world!! √

-we gave back to our community (CAF, Brunch Club, Team Hoyt, etc, etc) √

-we gave out too many hugs to count, and poured enough sweat to fill motorboat pond √

-we made our lives and the lives of those around us unquestionably more positive, motivated, and full of joy √

IMG_2210 2

We did too many amazing, badass, impactful things this year, I feel I could continue this list for pages!  But I don’t want to fill in this list.  I want you to!  What was your favorite thing about NPSD in 2015?  An event?  A charity? A workout?  A milestone?  A takeaway?  Let everyone know in the FB comment thread of this blog post.

IMG_2246 2

Bottom line San Diego, I still can’t quite wrap my head around the ground we’ve covered this year.  Who knows what the hell will happen in 2016.  We can only be certain of a few things:  We will continue to put on the most badass, goofy, ridiculous, inclusive, sweat and hug filled workouts in our city, week after week, rain or shine.  And we will, beyond the shadow of a doubt #behappy #bestrong & #bebright


Oh, and a few more things…

#MileChallenge: Point Loma Nazarene Track, tomorrow (Thursday) 6:15AM

-6:30AM: wave 1- >8:00 pace

-6:45AM: wave 2- 6:30-8:00

-7:00AM: wave 3- <6:30

Time you fastest mile tomorrow morning, then get fast AF, and time another mile at the end of January. One month to gain some speed! We want everyone out cheering and supporting for all 3 waves. Time to get faster, together!

#MayhemMondays January 2016 – Kate Sessions Park, all month long!


NP Mile map

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