20 Minutes on the Clock, set Go! (PHL)

Generally oppressive humidity is reserved for the summer months here in Philadelphia.  That was not the case today.  Today mother nature threw us a curve ball and we sweat.  We didn’t just sweat like we normally do, we sweat more like what I imagine Drew sweats like when he steps into a sauna.  If you have ever worked out with us, you understand this joke/painfully accurate statement.  Aside from the humidity, this morning was beautiful, the sun rose over our city and we watched it all from the Art Museum.  The beauty was captured through the lens of Anush and Beth who took very beautiful photos.  Photos which make the pictures I take look like I am using some primitive device reserved for cavemen and hipsters.  Anyway, thank you Anush and Beth!

Today we did two 20 minute circuits.  First, we ran the stairs for 20 minutes only stopping at the sound of the cowbell, to turn toward the city and perform 8 perfect squats.  Next we put 20 minutes on the clock and threw some decks down — pushups, sit ups, sprints and squat jumps were involved.  We hugged. We sweat. We lost 10 lbs. No, seriously, it was that humid.

We celebrated a 50th birthday and we encouraged one another to build Philadelphia into a fitter, more friendly place.

If you have not already done so, please head here and vote for our own Suzanne Allaire as Be Well Philly’s Health Hero!  Voting continues through the week, so be sure to vote each day!

Friday we are at Great Plaza over on the Delaware River.  6:25 AM sharp — you will NOT want to miss this one!

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