2 Truths & a Lie (YEG)

What happens to you when you’re injured? I know that for me I can get a little down and this morning, making my way to Emily Murphy hill I was feeling kind-of sucky and I’ve only been “injured” since Wednesday night.

It is true that I ran a 50k ultra this past weekend (not the 200k my bro gave me credit for while at times it felt like that). It is also true that I didn’t really rest like I should have afterwards (I guess some might say I’m stubborn but I was feeling really good, invincible almost, other than my blistered feet which I hear is pretty normal) .But what would be a lie is saying that I was totally ok with sitting back and taking it easy Monday & Wednesday morning. It kind of sucked to watch from the sidelines. I might complain about how hard the stairs are or how the hoisty’j’s burn out my quads but the truth is I love every second of pushing myself up those stairs and partnering up for some killer squat jumps.

Some might ask (actually they do ask): “If you’re injured why in the world would you still get up that early and go?” The truth is that it isn’t because I have to be there (we have more than one leader for a reason) but rather it is because it is the place that I belong every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. It is my sense of place. It is where, even when I am feeling sucky about not being able to fully participate in the physical feats of November Project, I can totally immerse myself in the energy of the tribe. I can be a cheerleader, I can still encourage, I can still high 5 and share hugs…I can still partake in what this amazing community is all about.

I am not the only member who’s been restricted by an injury, maybe its just my turn this time. I have seen many of you over the last 10 months work through those aggravating aches, pains, pulls and strains. I love seeing each of you still joining the tribe and doing what you can for that moment in time because in that moment in time it is exactly what you needed to be doing.

This morning I loved being at the bottom of the hill…I loved seeing each of your faces as I called out the next challenge...”pushups, tricep dips, pull ups, burpees, step-ups, planks, wall sits”, I loved the short little rain shower we had as the sun rays shined down on us. I loved seeing all of the new peeps and the returning peeps. That was exactly the place where I needed to be this morning! Thank you for sharing your positive energy with me! That’s the incredible power of the tribe!

benny DSC_4038-Edit DSC_4006-Edit


Monday is going to be so awesome…I almost can’t wait for the weekend to be over!!

Meet us here and be ready for be most fun you’ll eve have…sorry Nadim’s going to miss it! 



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