15×15 – Icicle Edition (BAL)

Because I don’t have one hundred sweaty bodies rubbing up against me as I type this, I’ll keep this short, sweet, and to the point. ….yeah….after I read that it sounds weird……..go with it.

I’m a proud mama today. I hear it out on the stairs and doing pushups: “Mom’s back!” “Hey, Mom.” And I have to say I love it….effing weird I know. I actually wrote one of my college application essays about this. TRUE STORY. But no, really, I am a proud mom. Not only did most of you wear full fledged pants today (making progress!), but more importantly: YOU JUST SHOWED UP. Sure, it was 10 degrees with the windchill and snot froze on your beard, but you made the effort to be there, and that’s all that matters. (read to the bottom so we can celebrate YOU!)


In fact, 100+ of you threw your excuses out the window where they froze instantly, fell like rocks, and then you kicked them out the door with your sporty running shoes. Because you’re Sporty Spice. I’ll be Ginger Spice…she’s fun. Nothing says badass like 100 people working out for free in freezing temperatures outside because they want to.

Mad love to our girl Jennifer: the Sportiest Spice of them all. Not only have we seen her progress in speed and enthusiasm, but we have seen her grow in her confidence and ability to adapt, especially with some newly found health concerns. She also has to deal with a guy that eats a lot of cereal and that’s weird.


This Friday: #justshowup for hills
NEXT WEDNESDAY: Come and celebrate as November Project Baltimore TURNS TWO YEARS OLD. We are now in the stage of terrible twos so you better watch out. Come wear party hats and get fun stuff. Like sweat and hugs and other things.

Love you all,

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