157 (YEG)

157. That is the number of workouts we hosted this past year. Looking back, that’s a lot of workouts. 157 is my new PR for counting. Anything more than that truly scares me. Thank goodness we are resetting the counter.

2819 Day  was a success and we didn’t crown (literally, not figuratively) a new winner. Congrats Tyler. You run fast, but that footwork needs some work if you want to make it to the lightweight division.

You know those people who are making their resolutions to start working out? Well, you’re not one of them, BUT, feel free to collect verbals from them. The money they would save from a gym membership could be used when you go out and drink juice with them.

Go in and record your results from this morning HERE! You can search your last month’s result if you click the history button on the top.


Friday, we will NOT be at Emily Murphy Park. We will be racing down Gallagher Park. Last one down will be the rotten egg.


The following hashtags are a glimpse into the future.

#bridgemonthiscoming #sunshine6k #taylorswift #future


PS. Was San Diego colder than Edmonton today?

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