15 x 15= shirts are coming off: NP_BAL

Shirts. Were. Off.

That’s right ladies and gents, the men of NP have exposed their glowing,winter bodies to the early morning Baltimore sun.  That means a few things for the tribe:

1. I now have a bunch of photos on my work computer that I hope never get found by HR. Like this one:


And especially this one:



2. While today it snowed in Edmonton, I can safely say that  the Baltimore winter is most definitely over. That means that all those hibernating tribe members are going to start showing back up, rocking dusty grassroots gear and trying to remember how to do a hoistie. We can’t wait to welcome you all back. If you’re one of those people, HURRY, this special #NP_BAL Free Fitness deal is only going on  from now until forever!

3. Remembering to put deodorant on is absolutely imperative. I consider Julie Hurley to be a good friend, a friend I would like to keep despite her proximity to me during the bounce. Julie, i’m sorry. I guess i’ll have to start buying deodorant again and stop using that DIY stuff I’ve been surviving off all winter.

4. Shirts optional.




5. While he managed to keep his shirt on today, I would just like to take a brief moment to talk about this week’s positivity award winner. Grant showed up on one of the snowiest days of the year for his first workout. It was hills, it was icy, it was slightly grumpy…Grant was bigger than all of that. I was  99% sure Grant would never come back, because hills, grumps and ice  can suck and who would want to return to that shit. But Grant was back the next week and again made it rain positivity. I don’t think Grant has missed a day of NP in months and he sure as hell hasn’t gone a day without making someone else’s day better. If you don’t know Grant, find him, hug him and get to know him. We promise you’ll be glad you did. 



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