1/4Zip by PUMA, BG’s Mom, & #OfficerBrotherReturns

Just another Friday. Giant boxes for the next piece of the #NP_WinterKits by PUMA (white 1/4 Zip shirts that quickly became #GrassrootsGear), a gang of BG backup dancers, Birthday Love, a mom, and the Brookline PD’s very own Officer Brother returns.

As we get closer and closer to next week it’s important to remind everyone that Monday will be our only session but the WED & FRI times will be attended by the many of you racers who are in town. WED has already been referred to by a few members as “Family Day.” As I had my mom with the tribe on Friday, I’d hope to have as many visiting family members next week. Would that mean that we have to dress as ninjas for “Black Friday”? It’s up to you.

Great job with the workout and please continue to spread the word on what we’re doing. Using the Boston Globe (FRONT PAGE) article from yesterday, I think we can easily explain what this wild, fun, WEATHERPROOF, fitness tribe is all about to those who are still confused. Maybe not.

Remember that if any recruiting conversations get too long all you need to do is say “just show up” a million times on repeat until they understand that questions and comments are boring. #WakeUp2ShowUp. #SuperSimple.

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