13 Minutes in Heaven (BOS)

As most of you know, our Monday meetups are only 1/3 of the workout that we get to do together. Other 2/3’s are reserved for your run to and back from the location. This morning our middle 1/3 of the workout lasted only 13 minutes but that was more than enough to deliver a kick-ass “break” from your run. The workout that I named 13 Minutes in Heaven literally 15 seconds ago, has nothing to do with middle school, making out (at least not during the workout), or hiding in a closet, but it is done with a partner and the time on the clock is moved from 7 to 13 minutes. This is also an ultimate “I got your back” workout as the effort of your partner dictates how long your suffering period is.

While one person is doing an approximate 100 yard dash the other one needs to do 5 burpees and then hold the plank until the partner returns. Only a physical tag releases the partner from the plank. We completely ignored that whole I-saw-you-30-yards-away-and-I-was-getting-ready-to-start-running-so-I-stopped-doing-the-plank bullshit and only allowed the touch as an official sign to move from planking to sprinting. This work is repeated for the duration of 13 minutes and as you can imagine pushes the runner to sprint their asses off so that person holding the plank doesn’t think that their running partner is hiding behind the Civil War Memorial. HashtagGenius!

We throughly enjoyed this workout and you can bet your frozen buns that we’ll bring it back.

See you on Wednesday!

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